Public Relations Now Live On Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Turns out I’m not just a tease afterall. Public Relations (A m/f stranger public sex erotic tale) is now LIVE on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Follow the links and let me know what you think.

Public Relations on Amazon

Public Relations on BN

Coming Soon - Public Relations

Hello you naughty boys and girls. Just wanted to let you know that the hot new story by Sydney Clark is going to drop any day now on all the major retailers, so keep your eyes peeled. We’ll update when it’s live but for now we’ll tease you with the summary and cover:

Public Relations by Sydney Clark

After breaking up with her cheating boyfriend, Rachael Lynch decides to do something out of character and hit up the club. There she meets the charming and seductive Eric Becker. As the night progresses Eric dares Rachael to engage in more and more risqué public acts. How far is the normally reserved Rachael willing to go before she finds herself in a compromising position?

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Sydney Clark’s First 2 Releases are Live

Hello vixens! Thank you for checking out my tumblr. I am going to try to keep this current so you can get filled in on my newest releases as they go live. For now, please check out my author page on Amazon or click on the following links for Barnes and Noble: Taking One From The Team and Time Traveling Tramps: Caveman Come Fest

Taking One From The Team

Taking One From the Team

Aaron Dunn finds himself disgraced and kicked off his University soccer team and out of school after a college prank. Now his only alternative is to switch teams and play for his bitter rivals, the Wolves. Not surprisingly, the new team is reluctant to accept the superstar newcomer into the fold. Sexy brooding captain Nick Canfield seems to be the toughest nut of all to crack. How far is Aaron willing to go to prove he is part of the team?

EXPLICIT: This sizzling 3200+ word story contains m/m mutual masturbation, m/m/m threesome with oral, anal, a hand job along with a team of hot horny guys who love to get it on with each other!

Time Traveling Tramps: Caveman Come Fest

Time Traveling Tramps: Caveman Come Fest

     Rebecca Thorne has spent months preparing to be the first person to travel through time but she couldn’t have prepared for this. What was supposed to be a trip back to 3 days ago turns into a trip back 30,000 years when someone makes an error. As if being surrounded by ancient wild animals isn’t dangerous enough, Rebecca has caught the attention of a tribe of Neanderthals driven by the most basic of instincts – to mate. Can this modern girl take on the leader of a clan of men that are little more than sculpted bodies, large cocks, and primal urges?